Album Review: The Chuck Norris Experiment - "This Will Leave A Mark"


You know what you're getting when it comes to the Chuck Norris Experiment. Now on no less than their tenth album, these Swedes continue to specialise in the sort of scummy dirty rock 'n' roll that you can trace back through all the best rock bands from the Hip Priests all the way back through the Dead Boys and AC/DC to the Stooges. This album may have been recorded remotely during lockdown last year but from the sheer ferociousness on show here, you'd never know it.

Tunes like Dirtshot, Hand Grenade and Kill The Night are pure three minute adrenalin blasts which rip out of your speakers like an unleashed hellcat without even considering going below breakneck speed and are all the better for it. At the other end of the scale, the lumbering In For The Kill rumbles through with a similar lurching boogie to Motorhead's No Class and the ominous Devil's Lake could almost be early Danzig if you squint a bit. And just in case you’d written this band off as a one trick pony, check out the sparse stripped-back closer New Day Rising - not a Husker Du cover in case anyone's wondering but an enjoyable curveball nevertheless. And let’s be honest, when you pack this much power, ferocity and flamethrower guitar riffs (just listen to Turning Me Inside Out or the strutting Bad Blood for proof), there's no danger of your attention being lost.

Yeah so maybe it is business as usual for the CNX a bit. But when business is this good, it seems rather churlish to complain about that. If you're one of those right-minded souls who’s into snotty fired-up breakneck rock 'n' roll then This Will Leave A Mark definitely ticks the vast majority of the boxes of what makes an awesome half hour of listening. 

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